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A batch of skinny icons

[1-19] GossipGirl season 5 icons
[20-31] Key West icons
[32-63] skinny girls icons
[64-79] ballet related icons


Heads will rollCollapse )


Aww, it's now this time of year when everything is in its bloom, people get crazy in love, our coats feel a little bit abandoned and we can forget about snow for about nine months. Thanks God it's spring again!
Let's celebrate it with 68 springtime related icons.

[1-68] Spring related
[69-86] Leighton Meester


i can feel it coming in the air tonightCollapse )
131 icons including:
[1-88] GossipGirl season 5 icons
[89-131] Infant/Toddler themed icons


See no evilCollapse )

40 "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" icons

Here I am with 40 new icons including some shots of Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig from TGWTDT premieres around the world and icons made from promo pics. 

[1-20] premiere photos
[21-31] Rooney Mara
[32-40] promo pictures


Men who hate women!Collapse )


Christmas update

48 Christmas icons and best wishes brought to you by santa Elves, a.k.a evil_fairytale & co. ;)


All I want for Christmas is New Year's DayCollapse )

LA/Frisco/ GG update!

Well well well, what is your opinion about 5th Gossip Girl season? 
In this batch (over 100 items!) you will find:

[1-68] Gossip Girl season 5 icons
[69-83] The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie stills
[84-111] Los Angeles/San Francisco icons

Click here for more!Collapse )

New York, New York...

Well, well well...Let's spend some time in New York, sipping our awesome Creme Brulee Latte from Starbucks and watching former season of GossipGirl. AGAIN.
Well, but it is the end of my Season Four fascination - I have to survive only a few hours and watch brand new, truly awesome (or I just do truly believe it) episode.

[1-25] New York and related stock icons
[26-39] Starbucks&Food stock icons
[40-85] GossipGirl season IV icons


these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire youCollapse )

4 simple rules:
- blank icons are not bases
- credit if use
- do not claim as yours
I am waiting impatiently for the 26th of September and the brand new episode of GG! So, I've decided to go through season four one more time and make some icons containing best moments of it. This batch involves Georgina Sparks and Dan nursing "their" lovely son Milo (P.S Am I the only one who thinks Dan looks soooo good when having baby in his arms?) and many many many Blair and Chuck moments (sticky and steamy piano scene! aww). Well, let's start our journey in Paris...


[1-91] GossipGirl season 4 icons
[92-104] Behind the scenes of season 5 <gossip girl>
[105-108] Gossip Girl stock icons 

I am waiting patiently, I am waiting for the sign...Collapse )

4 simple rules:
- blank icons are not bases
- credit if use
- do not claim as yours